Dakota Trails Golf Course - Corsica, SD

Corsica GC

Dakota Trails Golf Course in Corsica SD had an unfortunate event happen this season when the  majority of the greens were vandalised causing the bentgrass greens to be killed.  It was the first season that Dakota Trails transitioned to bentgrass and at this time Todd and his crew are working to bring back the greens to the great condtion they were prior to the incedent.  The Dakota Trails Membership is looking for those who would be willing to help by means of purchasing a Calendar for the cost of $50 dollars.  With this purchase there is a stub on the back of the calendar good for 1 round of golf for the seasons 2018-2019.  Also with this purchase of the calendar you will be able to have 52 chances to win either a gun safe, riffle, or shotgun. Yes, once a week there will be drawing for this unique opportunity. If you are interested in the round of golf, raffle, or have any further questions please call Todd Plooster at  605-999-4824 

If you want to purchase a calendar here is the information:

Todd Plooster: 605-999-4824

Mail Money Orders To:

Todd Plooster

38163 SD Hwy 44

Corsica, SD 57328